Katie White

Welcome to the Katie Porter White Spring 2021 virtual show!

Note that this page is a work in progress :)

Check out the virtual exhibition below, and join for a virtual Zoom hang-out ( here ) from 6-7pm MT on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

About the show:

Very excited to bring everyone together to see some of Katie's most recent works.

These works explore atmospheres, color and architecture... etc.

A catalog of all the works in this show is available here .

Some works are available for sale -- please contact Doug (either via email or using the in-platform messaging feature). First come first serve basis.

About the virtual exhibition

First time we're trying this. Here's some useful information about how to use this tool.

  • Guided tour
  • Walk around yourself
  • Full screen
  • Sound?

Works for sale - explain how this works and how to get more info / contact. Also note that all works will be unframed unless noted otherwise.